Hurricane Maria Electrical Damage

Dent Free Image returns from Puerto Rico helping Hurricane Maria victims

*You can appreciate from this picture the effects of Hurricane Maria.

*In this video I am packing the food, water and first necessity articles.

This was an experience filled with mixed emotions that are hard to explain. One thing I can say is, the satisfaction of helping has been greater than anything else I have experienced in life!  We visited over 25 families of Veterans in the island and took food, water and first necessity articles.

It was hard to see the place that I grew up and love, now almost in ruins with hardly any vegetation standing and a complete new landscape. What kept me motivated day by day was the smiles and warm heart of our people that regardless of the situation are positive and optimistic of a better future to come.

I thank those that one way or another helped us make this possible and I thank my loyal customers for patiently waiting for my return to help them keep their vehicle Dent Free!

           I will like to share a few pictures of my trip to Puerto Rico in October 2017.

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