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Hail Damage Repair

 San Antonio Hail Damage Repair

*Our services preserve your vehicles value since we do not replace your original parts.


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Do not live with the headache of dents and dings on your pride and joy. As a car guy I know the feeling and that's why I love what I do to help others!

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Removing dents / dings, no need for a body shop or auto paint.


Hail Damage Repair needed for recent storm damage?

Did your car suffered by the San Antonio hail damage storms and is still in need of repair?  When it comes to completing hail damage repair on your vehicle there is no corners to cut! The conventional repair method involves sanding and grinding your vehicles paint down to bare metal and using body fillers (bondo) to fill the hail dents, plus primer and paint application. This is not only a poor repair method for repairing hail damaged vehicles; but one that will change your vehicles factory condition, since there is no replacement for your factory paint in its original condition.

We have included a list of steps to better assist you through the claim and repair process.

*San Antonio Hail Damage can not be quoted by pictures

1) Inspect your car

2) Contact insurance company

3) Schedule vehicle inspection with insurance company

4) Receive preliminary estimate from insurance company

5) Visit us for official estimate and repair scheduling

6) Repair completed

*Do I need to get multiple hail repair estimates?

NO. We use the insurance industry standard pricing chart to determine the cost of the repairs.

*Should I get damage car fixed or keep the insurance money?

No. If you choose to keep the repair cost money you are responsible for the repairs in the event

your vehicle is a total loss down the road or you trade the vehicle, since the insurance company

paid you for the repair to be completed. Furthermore, hail damage can depreciate your vehicles retail value 50% and possibly more.

*Who guarantees the hail repair work?

We guarantee the hail repairs for as long as you own your vehicle.

*Will making a hail damage claim raise my insurance rates?

No. Hail Storms are caused by nature, just like tornadoes and flooding. It is an event out of your control and will not affect your insurance rates.

**For further information please visit our FAQ page.



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