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Large Dent Repair – Jeep Rear Ended

Here is an example of a large dent repair that is also complex. This Jeep Trail Hawk was rear ended at a stop light causing a 15 to 17 inch dent on the rear hatch door.

Our customer contacted his insurance company and the first thing they did was refer him to a so-called, preferred vendor body shop.Of course, body shops want to replace parts and re-paint cars and he did not want his Jeep re-painted!

He was referred to us by a friend and researched us online to learned more about our company and how we can do large dent repair and more severe repairs using the Paintless process.

He was super happy once we told him that even though it was a difficult repair due to the severity and location of the damage, it had great potential to be repaired with our Paintless repair process.

His insurance company approved the repair to be completed by us using the Paint-less method and the results were amazing!

He is glad he did not get his Jeep repainted and he loves the results. We can also do the same for you!! Remember you have one opportunity to maintain your car’s original condition; once it’s repainted, it’s no longer original.

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